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We are the most trusted  shipping crew recruiting  Agent  in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to create value and make a difference. We have built a ship crew  data base in order to  recruit instantly  that enable efficient recruitment of fitting human resources for your requirement. 

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Ships' Crew Recruitment and Management

We thoroughly consider job knowledge, experience, personality and discipline when selecting our Seafarers. We have registered crew pool or data base consists of approximately 2000 seafarers with nearly 200 on standby list to recruit them at any time. Over  200 crew members are employed at see at any given time. We are the most trusted  shipping crew recruiting  consultants in Sri Lanka. We carry on to flourish for the future and we look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will shape our activities. We have built a ship crew  data base in order to consistently deliver value to our clients through solutions and services that enable efficient recruitment of appropriate human resources. 

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Ships' Crew Joining and Repatriations

Seraya Shipping (Pvt) Ltd  facilitates smooth transfer of joining and off-signing crew from airport to vessel or vice versa. We ensure immigration and  port clearances are secured and timely manner.

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Ships' Repairs

We  are well  equipped with the latest machinery and equipment and   geared to cater to all types of ship repairs including: Machinery repairs, Hull repairs, Propeller repairs,  Electrical repairs and  Installation of ballast water treatment systems.

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Supply of Skilled Personnel to Shore Based Industries

We are professionals in recruiting and supplying personnel to Shore based industries. Any  company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Our objective is  to be  the Sri Lanka’s leading  human resource supplier in supplying  committed work force and providing value-added services to companies.  

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Flag State Representation

Seraya Shipping (Pvt) Ltd  acts as filing agent and is a specialist in Flag State representation. Our representations include, the processing of applications for seafarers identification and record books,  Verification of special qualification services and all officer certificates and the survey of ships, conducting investigations etc.

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Ship Chandlering

Seraya Shipping (Pvt) Specializes in supplies or equipment for ships. Seraya Shipping (Pvt ) Ltd  is one of the leading ship stores suppliers, providing services for vessels calling at Sri Lankan ports from worldwide. Our round the clock services are integrated and facilitate customer requirements at short notice and at competitive prices..

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